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I cancelled a service which I determined was no longer warranted partly due to the $350.00 annual cost. Received a call from Terminix "Customer Retention Department" offering the same service at a discounted price of $175.00 annually.

I agreed to this offer. The representative further explained that as a condition of this offer, it was necessary for them to make a home inspection, after which I could sign the agreement. OK. The inspector arrived an hour late, and conducted his "inspection".

Afterwards, he asked me to sign an electronic keypad and told me it was to confirm his inspection and finalize the discounted price agreement. The following day, I checked my online Terminix account only to discover TWO $175.00 charges. (Does not take a brain surgeon to see that this adds up to $350.00!!) I immediately sent two emails (with no response to either) requesting a correction. Called their headquarters, and was routed to their "Cancellation Department".

(How many companies have - or require one of these?) Instead of resolving the situation, the rep attempted to justify the charges. I immediately cancelled ALL service. Paid nothing but aggravation, and no credit card on file with them for their auto-pay option.

Good riddance. DO NOT USE TERMINIX!!!

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Their "sister companys" TruGreen & AHS (all are owned by ServiceMaster) conduct their business the same way!

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