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On May 13, 2014, Mr. Gabe Anderson, a Terminix representative knocked on my door offering services through your company. According to him, someone was coming to my house on Saturday, May 17 to spray inside and outside of the home. Another person would be contacting me to conduct an interior termite inspection, neither of which has happened.

Yesterday, someone from Terminix came to my home. The person initially did not know why he was there and told me he had to make a call. I explained to him that it was Terminix first visit to my home and that the as written on the contract, terminix was to spray under the deck, around the above ground pool, under the playset and under the roof of the shed which are the places where wasps appear. The guy told me that Terminix is only bounded to spray the perimeter around the house, but not the yard.

Since Terminix has violated the contract, your services have been mis-represented, and you have charged me $105.93 for services YOU HAVE NOT PROVIDED, I am asking to cancel the contract and have the $105.93 immediately refunded.

Monetary Loss: $106.

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I wont call you a dummy, but why would you want all that chemical sprayed all over th place?

New York City, New York, United States #824937

You are lucky you got snookered for $106.. Based on my experience with this company, and backed up by the settlement this company has made with several states attorneys generals, you have been scammed on the cheap!


Well dummy... I use terminix and it sounds like they offered to spray the foundation of your house but you decided to add things to the contract yourself.

Problem for you since every contract is exactly the same. You don't get to customize your contract. You can't do that with DirecTV, Verizon, maytag, etc... In fact, my contract says nothing about "spraying" anything.

All I expect them to do is keep the bugs from coming inside my house. It doesn't matter to me what they do as long as I don't get ants on my counter like I used to. Last year, a hornet nest appeared on my eave.

All I had to do is mention it to my service guy and it was gone. You just sound like a tool.

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