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I had a bee nest in front of my daughters window and keep seeing carpenter ants in some of the rooms.I called Terminex my pest control company and made an appointment for service.They said they would come wednesday between 2 to 4 pm .I took a day of from my work and when they didnt show up at 4 pm i called them to see what is happenning they said your appointment is 4 to 6 pm. at 5;15 i was sitting infront of my window i saw their truck and went to open the door .i couldnt believe my eyes the terminex truck didnt even come to my drive way just made a u turn and left.with frustration i called the office to see whats the story they said it shows that they already service your house.I am speechless this company is a big fraud and putting peoples life in doughter is alergic to bees and i already told them .i spoke to their menager he said he will call the local company and will get back to me.I am stilll waiting.I dont recomend to this company to anyone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Terminix Pest Control.

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Sounds like a drive by did you see any dead bees on the ground? These technicians do not get paid for extra calls they only get paid for regular paying stops!

Now you know what you bought into?Read the reviews pass the word about your drive by! DO NOT PAY BILL REAL SIMPLE!

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