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My tenant saw some mouse droppings in a cabinet and saw where they could get through from the crawl space.They called Terminex for a quote and they want over 5 grand!!

Talk about gambling your business plan on hoping people will pay anything to get rid of a few fuzzy critters. And now I see all these ridiculous reviews and comments about these guys. what a joke. What are these people thinking?

Unfortunately I am 3 hours from the house but for this kind of money I will gladly drive up, squirt some expanding foam into the cracks, set a few traps and call it good.Actually maybe I should consider opening my own pest removal company if there is that much money in it.

Review about: Terminix Mouse Pest Control.

Reason of review: ridiculous quote.


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You can get Final-Blox online for rats and mice and put it down yourself .Best stuff on the market and easy to use.

Also, Advion by DuPont for roaches is another product that I use with excellent results.Both products are the best available today for pest control.

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